Equipment Tracking

We helped Murphy Tractor track the location, movement and history of their equipment in real time, providing constant situational awareness of their assets. A simple check in / check out process allowed Murphy to manage their fleet with ease.

The Project

Murphy Tractor & Equipment Company is one of John Deere's largest North American construction equipment dealers. ABGI worked with Murphy to create a pilot program for tracking equipment location and ultilization using our proprietary AllTraq system.

Using the asset's location information, simple business rule driven events were configured to provide a real-time assessment of the tagged inventory.

Ultra Wideband RFID tags

Eight receivers were configured on existing light poles around the Murphy tractor lot. Each receiver was about the size of a shoebox. Other than the power supply, the receivers are completely wireless.

Pieces of equipment were tagged with Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Radio Frequency Tags (RFID). Each active UWB tag has the ability to detect motion and has the required interfaces to allow sensor integration.

The emissions of active tags are constantly collected by each receiver, making it easy to monitor the onsite or offsite status of an asset and collect the asset's sensor data. This allowed Murphy to record a complete history of data for each piece of equipment.

RFID tag on the roof of a piece of equipment.

Real Time Events

Events were created to place emphasis on important activity associated with the assets. An event is created when an asset enters or exits predefined zones.

Events can be quickly configured using geo-zones to provide a real time assessment of current inventory. The system can send important event notifications via email.

Equipment Location

Murphy personnel were also able to find the location of any piece of equipment and view important information and history using a handheld device and easy to use software.

The system even allowed for easy equipment check in / check out via a smartphone or tablet.

Personnel can quickly check in or check out equipment.

Murphy can easily track individual components.

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