Railroad Tracking

We helped Watco Transportation Services track and monitor the conditions of their railroad cars in real time.

The Project

Watco Transportation Services operates 30 railroads in 21 states and one railroad in Western Australia. We used the ABGI AllTraq system in a pilot program to help Watco track and monitor their railroad cars.

The AllTraq system uses a combination of ultra wideband frequency (UWB), radio frequency identification tags (RFID), data security protocol and easy to use software. The system is low cost, low power, non-interfering and jam resistant making it a viable solution for the railoard industry.

Location Tracking

With the AllTraq system, Watco personnel were able to view the locations of their trains in real time. Zone based tracking could alert personnel when trains pass through various points.

Watco could also use the system to locate and manage each car in the rail yard. In addition, personnel could view important information and history for each car.

Railroad Car Monitoring

Acoustic and temperature sensors monitor wheel bearings for problems or defects. Tri-axial accelerometers on the main sill above the bolster bowl monitor truck hunting, vertical pitch, bounce and longitudinal impacts.

Tanker Pressure and Wagon Door sensors could be used to provide even more info to Watco engineers.

Track equipment on computers or handheld devices.

Sensors allow Watco to monitor for potential problems.

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