Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)

Using our proprietary ultra wideband technology, we worked with 5D Robotics to create an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) as a proof of concept for the US military. The UGV can follow any soldier with an RFID tag in the field and carry ammunition, supplies or other soldiers.

Direction Finding Receiver

Three antennas were used with a single receiver to determine direction of any tagged assets such as soldiers, vehicles or waypoints. The receiver updates direction vector 16 times per second allowing the unmanned vehicle to follow the direction vector to its target.

The unit can simultaneously receive information and calculate direction vectors to 250 different tags per second. In addition, the unit can collect data from other tagged assets within its range.

Smaller, faster model.

Uses in the Field

The UGV can follow a tagged soldier in the field carrying ammunition, supplies or other soldiers. The direction finding receiver allows the unit to stay near the soldier at all times.

The unit can also report location and environmental data from other tagged assets in the area including soldiers, vehicles or waypoints.

With additional sensors, the unit could detect and mark the location of land mines or deploy ahead of soldiers and set up a sensor grid to gather intelligence and video before deploying personnel. The units could then track the position and status of tagged assets and soldiers as they arrive.

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