Developing A Mask That Kills COVID-19

ABGI is working with the Pandemic Mask Company to develop masks to help in the fight against COVID-19.

Anti-Viral Faceshield System

The Anti-Viral Faceshield System creates a measurable, low voltage electrical charge that will actively kill the virus on contact. The mask seals around the wearer's nose and mouth to properly position its anti-viral cartridge.

A starter kit will include a carrier, a cartridge (good for at least 30 days), and a case for storing and recharging the system. ABGI plans to sell the kit for less than $40, with replacement cartridges retailing for less than $10.

Release of the Anti-Viral Faceshield System is projected Q2 2021.

American Vent Free Source Control Face Mask

The American Vent Free Source Control Face Mask was developed in response to the United States Food & Drug Administrations Emergency Use Authorization regarding COVID-19 source control face masks.

The American Vent Free Source Control Face Mask is available now from ABGI's distribution network. Contact ABGI for the name of the distributor nearest to you.